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RSS Digest: Week Ending 15-Feb-2012


Java 7 Update 3 and Java 6 Update 31 have released!

Adding Latency and Limiting Bandwidth

STOMP Messaging Benchmarks: ActiveMQ vs Apollo vs HornetQ vs RabbitMQ

Transactional Hardware on x86

Understanding JVM Internals

What is behind System.nanoTime()?

Java 7: A complete invokedynamic example

High performance libraries in Java

Java 7 – Project Coin Decompiled Part II

atomic fetch-and-add vs compare-and-swap

False sharing induced by card table marking

Comparing JVMs on ARM/Linux

Java SE Specifications



Programmer personality types: 13 profiles in code



Intel Packs Performance and Reliability into Its Latest Solid-State Drive

Apple working on ARM port for Mac OS X: will Macbook Airs see it first?

High Performance Trading – FIX Messaging Testing

BytePac: the cardboard hard disk enclosure