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January 7, 2013

RSS Digest: Week Ending 07-Jan-2013

by Zahid Qureshi


Java Serialization – Good, Fast, and Faster

Java Experts on the State of Java

Oracle JDK 7u10 released with new security features

Online Java Dev Environment

5 Reasons to be excited about Java in 2013

IntelliJ gets a makeover for speed, Java 8

Compact Off-Heap Structures/Tuples In Java

Five ways to maximize Java NIO and NIO.2

Understanding JVM Internals, from Basic Structure to Java SE 7 Features

NUMA-Aware Reader-Writer Locks



Simulate Network Latency, Packet Loss, and Low Bandwidth on Mac OSX



Download Advanced Linux Programming

Rsync, It’s GRRRRaphical!

Linux 3.8’s features staked out



Mellanox etches software-defined networking onto SwitchX-2 chips



The Pseudo-science of Hypothesis Testing

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